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What Can I Expect at the First Meeting?

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Many of my clients have been struggling with a high debt load for months, if not years, before they seekBankruptcy advice.  Picking up the phone and calling a Bankruptcy lawyer can seem like a daunting and insurmountable task.  That’s why at the Law Offices of K. Hunter Goff, P.A., I make it a practice to provide nonjudgmental Bankruptcy representation for my clients and do so in a warm and inviting environment.

Drawing from my decade-plus experience as anOrlando bankruptcy lawyer, I understand that not knowing what to expect from filing bankruptcy is usually my clients’ biggest fear.   At your very first meeting with me, I will take you through every step of the Bankruptcy process and point out what you, based on your individual circumstances, can expect.  Clients often walk away from their initial meeting with a sense of empowerment and knowledge about how the process will work for them, and a sense of relief.

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What to expect at the first consultation

A good Bankruptcy lawyer will ask you lots of questions at your first meeting.  At you first meeting with me, I’ll ask you who you owe money to, what things you own (House? Car?), and what type of income you have, among other things.  A good Orlando bankruptcy lawyer will also LISTEN to you.  I want to know what you expect from filing bankruptcy. What financial goals do you have for the future?  Do you want to buy a house in the next few years and are concerned how filing a Bankruptcy now may affect your ability to do that? In our first meeting, we’ll cover that topic and many, many, more.  407-898-8225

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There are also a lot of myths that get dispelled at the first meeting.  Many clients believe, for example, that if you file Bankruptcy you are unable to obtain any kind of credit for 10 years following the filing.  Not true.  I will take the time to answer any questions you have about how filing Bankruptcy may effect you not only short term, but long term as well.  Finally, I will provide you with a clear path for what happens next and you will leave the office with a clear understanding of what you must do to ensure you get the result you desire.

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Why Choose Us?

At my Orlando Bankruptcy Law Firm of K. Hunter Goff, P.A I limit my practice to helping people file bankruptcy and receive protection from creditors under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.

Over the years, bankruptcy has evolved into a specialized area of law.  I take pride in knowing how the Orlando Bankruptcy Judges, Trustees, and Creditors’ Attorneys interpret the Code.  I use this knowledge to ensure that my clients know what to expect when they file for bankruptcy. I take a non judgmental approach to the decision my clients make to file for bankruptcy.

I understand that you probably have tried every other possible financial alternative before deciding to contact an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer.  Please allow me, an experienced Orlando bankruptcy attorney, to show you how I can help you by calling 407-898-8225, for your free case evaluation.

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