Bankruptcy and Divorce


Jan 2011

Your Kids or Your Credit Card Debt?

I just met with a new Orlando bankruptcy client. She came to see me, her new Orlando bankruptcy attorney, after thinking about filing bankruptcy for 2 years. She finally decided to file bankruptcy when she had to promise her 10 year old daughter that next summer she would spend more time with her because she would stop working her part time job. You see, she...

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Nov 2010

Why Does My Ex-Wife Have To Be Listed in My Bankruptcy?

Recently, when meeting with one of my Orlando bankruptcy clients during the signing of his bankruptcy petition, I was asked why his ex-wife had to be included as a creditor on the Petition. The Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 enhanced the rights and procedures for the benefit of domestic support obligation [DSO] creditors (my client’s ex-Wife, for example). Section 101(14A) of...

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Sep 2010

Your Former Marital Home, Divorce and Bankruptcy

One of the main issues people face when going through a divorce is which spouse will keep the marital home and therefore be responsible for the mortgage debt on the home.  Many times, as an Orlando bankruptcy attorney, I advise clients on the ramifications of this decision as it relates to a possible bankruptcy filing by one or both spouses. This can be a confusing...

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Sep 2010

Debt, Divorce, and Bankruptcy- Chapter 13

Sometimes, these conflicts are too great or even insurmountable for me to continue representing my clients. Sometimes, for instance, the advice I give one client would be directly against the best interests of my other client. When I see that this could happen, I feel that I have an ethical obligation, as their Orlando bankruptcy lawyer, to withdraw from the case entirely.

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