Student Loan Bankruptcy


Oct 2016

Discharging Student Debt Through Bankruptcy

Generally, even in bankruptcy proceedings, a student debt cannot be discharged. There is, however, one exception for those who can prove that repaying a student loan would cause undue hardship. Owing student debt can be overwhelming and stressful, so if you are looking for ways to restructure your payment plan or to get out of debt entirely, it is important to retain the services of...

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Oct 2016

What Happens If I Default on My Florida Student Loan?

With Florida college students returning to classes for the fall semester, graduating seniors will soon face the burden of needing to repay their student loans. For many soon-to-be-graduates, a weak job market will leave them unable to make potentially crippling monthly payments. Within a few years of graduating, these same students may face the prospect of considering bankruptcy protection. How Florida Student Debt Compares to the...

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Jul 2016

What Orlando Students Need to Know About Student Loans & Bankruptcy

If you are a Florida resident that is entering college this fall, you may not fully appreciate the potential student loan debt that may accumulate during the next four-plus years of your study. For recent high school graduates, the reality of student loan debt is all too real. Faced with poor job prospects and mounting living expenses, you may need to turn to an Orlando...

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