In a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, What’s the Plan?

23 Aug 2010

It helps to have a plan.  In life.  In business.  In relationships.  Plans are good things.  So to, in Chapter 13 bankruptcy, having a plan is not only a good idea, it’s the law!

Creating a chapter 13 plan for your bankruptcy

As an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer, I help my clients formulate a Chapter 13 payment plan to accomplish their financial goals.  Depending on my client’s situation, through their payment plan, which can usually last anywhere from 36 to 60 months, I can help them catch up a mortgage payment, eliminate a second mortgage altogether, wipe out credit card debt, save money on a car loan, or handle IRS debt.

In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the person filing the case (Debtor) files a payment plan at the beginning of the case.  This plan addresses what goals the Debtor wants to accomplish during the term of the plan.  It also serves as guidance to creditors as to how they are going to be treated in the plan.  Finally, it provides instruction to the Chapter 13 Trustee regarding who she is to pay and how much she is to pay each creditor.

There are many decisions to be made by the Debtor when constructing a Chapter 13 plan.  I see many Do it Yourselfer’s in Court who have a really hard time successfully formulating a plan that can be understood by the Trustee or the creditors.  This often will result in the creditors objecting to the plan, or the Trustee filing a motion to dismiss the case.  When that happens, the person has a bankruptcy on her credit report and absolutely nothing to show for it.

Hiring an experienced Orlando bankruptcy lawyer who has successfully represented clients through the Chapter 13 process in Orlando is a must if you want a smooth ride through the case.  In the vast majority of cases I file for my clients, so long as the Trustee payments are being made, my clients never have to appear in Court.  More importantly, my clients accomplish the goals they set out to achieve at the beginning of their case.

Having a plan is important, especially in Chapter 13 cases.  Having a plan that successfully navigates you through the case and relieves you from overwhelming debt is even better. Click hereto find out more about my representation of clients in bankruptcy cases here in Orlando.

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K. Hunter Goff


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