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Florida has long been a popular destination for retirees looking to live out their “golden years” in warm weather. Retirement in Florida, however, often comes with unique legal issues that require expert assistance. A Florida elder law attorney can help you—or a family member—in dealing with these challenges so that you can focus on enjoying your retirement.

Paying for Long-Term Care

Many Florida residents need full-time care either through a nursing home or an assisted living facility. Such care—which can cost thousands of dollars per month—is often beyond the budgets of most retirees. Government programs such as Medicaid and the Department of Veterans Affairs can assist low-income individuals with their long-term care needs, but these programs have complicated eligibility rules that must be strictly followed. A Florida elder law attorney can provide invaluable counsel in dealing with these agencies to help retirees to obtain benefits.


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Estate Planning

Although estate planning is normally associated with death, it actually can be just as important for helping the living protect their assets. Certain types of irrevocable trusts may be helpful in legally shielding assets in order to preserve your eligibility for Florida Medicaid and other social service programs. Careful estate planning can also ensure your loved ones are financially provided for in the event of your death.

Incapacity Planning

Other estate planning documents enable you to direct the management of your affairs in the event that you become incapacitated. An Advanced Health Care Directive lets you designate a “health care surrogate” who can speak with your doctors and help you make decisions regarding your care. A Durable Power of Attorney designates a similar type of agent to manage your assets and finances. Finally, a living will can provide your doctor or long-term care facility with instructions regarding you end-of-life care preferences.

Why You Need a Florida Elder Law Attorney

You may be reluctant to deal with these legal issues now, but waiting is never a good idea. Not only do you risk finding yourself suddenly disabled or incapacitated, you may also end up leaving yourself (and your assets) vulnerable to potential abuse, neglect, or exploitation at the hands of long-term care facilities (or even unscrupulous family members). There have been many cases wherein a relative who has felt “entitled” to an inheritance takes advantage of a dying family member by coercing him into signing a will on his deathbed.

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An experienced Florida elder law attorney can help you avoid these types of situations. Each person’s financial, familial, and legal situation is unique. A good attorney understands this and can provide the individual services that you and your family members deserve. Elder law involves more than preparing wills and Medicaid applications; it is about helping Florida retirees understand complicated legal situations and providing them with peace-of-mind.

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