Jun 2016

Are There Benefits to Filing for Bankruptcy with Student Loans?

Summer is here, which means the Class of 2016 that recently graduated from Florida State University, the University of Florida, and other Florida institutions of higher education have approximately six to nine months before they must start paying back the thousands of dollars in student loans they used to finance their educations. For some Florida students, this will be a sufficient period of time within...

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May 2016

IBR/ICR and Defense to Repayment Approaches to Handling Student Loan Debt

The National Center for Education Statistics reports that the average cost of a four-year university in the United States, including tuition, room, and board is more than $23,800 per school year. As most undergraduates do not have this cash on hand, it is no surprise that many take out student loans to pay for education expenses. While loan repayment does not begin until the student...

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Apr 2016

Can Florida Students Have Their Student Loans Forgiven in Bankruptcy?

As another school year winds down, those students graduating from college or graduate school are set to face a new challenge – paying back their student loans. For some Florida students, student loans can represent a serious financial hardship: The thousands upon thousands of dollars in federal and private loans these students accumulated coupled with a difficult job market and low entry-level wages can mean...

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Dec 2013

Can You Lower Your Student Loan Payments?

Yes, maybe, via one of the many repayment options available to folks with Federal student loans.  You don’t have to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy to lower your payments, but here’s how that option works if you’re interested. You have to dive in a little deeper to know what repayment option, outside of bankruptcy, is best for you; or if you are even eligible for a...

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Dec 2013

Student Loans and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

With the average American college senior graduating with over $26,000 in student loan debt, the amount of student loan debt continuing to increase (now over $1 Trillion in the U.S.), and a bleak job market awaiting most college graduates, it’s no wonder more and more people are seriously considering filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy to deal with their student loan debt. While filing bankruptcy probably won’t...

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Nov 2013

Don’t Keep Your Bankruptcy Lawyer in the Dark

  I offer payment plans to all of my clients.  I understand that if you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy, you may not have a chunk of cash laying around to pay a lawyer. It takes some clients only a few weeks to pay off the fee to file the case.  It takes others longer; sometimes much longer. Legal Advice Has a Shelf Life The advice...

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Aug 2013

Did Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Florida Just Get More Difficult?

You have to meet certain income requirements to be eligible to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  This is known as the Means Test, and was one major feature of BAPCPA, which celebrates its 7th birthday this month. Ahhhh….It seems like only yesterday it was in diapers… THE BASICS Specifically, your annual gross household income must be lower than the  annual gross median household income in...

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Apr 2013

Forbes Should Be Ashamed

Before this weekend, I had never heard of Stephen J. Dunn, a “contributor” to Forbes.com writing about “Current Developments in Tax Law and Litigation”. I’m thankful, though, for his latest effort, “Bankruptcy Hacks Are Still At It”. It provides me with an opportunity to point out a glaring example of the type of misinformation, I’m calling them “Dunnisms” from now on, that can be found online...

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Jan 2013

Casey Anthony Files Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: What You Can Learn From It

From time to time a famous, or infamous, public figure files for bankruptcy protection and makes news headlines everywhere. Last Friday, Casey Anthony filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Tampa: If you are having trouble viewing this, please click here. Rather than focus on the sensational aspect of the filing and Ms. Anthony’s other notable experience with the legal system, I’m going to take a look...

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