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Jun 2011

After Filing Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Do I Still Pay My Bills?

Recently, during a free evaluation, I was asked by a potential client if he had to make payments on his bills when filing Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 specifically.   First, I had to determine what he meant by “Bills”.  Bills go by many different names, there are bills that you pay for on going service, like utilities, cable, cell phones, and then there are other debts, like...

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Oct 2010

Should I Do a Short Sale If I’m Going to File Bankruptcy?

If you own a home in Florida, chances are its value has severely decreased over the last couple of years.  I know mine has!  As an Orlando bankruptcy attorney, many of my Orlando bankruptcy clients who own a home ask me about doing a short sale as a way to eliminate their liability for the debt on their home. Is a Short Sale a Good...

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