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Nov 2010

I’m Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy and Need a New Car!

The vast majority of my Orlando bankruptcy clients do not lead lavish lifestyles prior to filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy or Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Most of my clients are not driving brand new, top of the line cars.  In fact, most Orlando bankruptcy attorneys will tell you that it is very common to have a client who is still making payments on a 5 year old...

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Sep 2010

The “It’s Not REALLY My Car Defense”

Have you ever bought a car for your son, daughter, relative, or friend with the intent for them to take possession of it, drive it, and pretty much own it? As an Orlando bankruptcy attorney, I see clients all the time who think that the car legally titled in their name is not really there’s because they intended to buy it for someone else.  After...

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Aug 2010

Voluntary Repossession? You Still Owe the Bank!

Fortunately, the balance you owe that results from a “voluntary repossession”, or a regular old run of the mill repossession for that matter, is dischargeable in bankruptcy. In other words, you will no longer owe this debt to the creditor.

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