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Jun 2011

Should I Do a Short Sale After I File Bankruptcy?

In previous posts I’ve discussed the differences between a Short Sale and filing bankruptcy and if one is preferable over the other. However, many of my clients who own real estate and have gone through the bankruptcy process have a different question: Is it necessary, or should I do a short sale after I file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or surrendered my property through a Chapter 13...

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Jun 2011

How Long Does Filing Bankruptcy Take?

Many people that I speak with considering filing bankruptcy will ask how long the process of filing bankruptcy takes. The answer to that question really depends on your situation and is another reason why you should meet with an experienced Orlando bankruptcy attorney to learn about how the process works and how long it will take given your particular facts. Having said that, I can...

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Feb 2011

I Retained You 3 Years Ago…I’m Ready To File Now!

We all know that life can be an unpredictable journey at times.  We make plans, break those plans, remake plans, chart a new course, return to the old course, etc.  And, of course, time does fly… Recently, one of my Orlando bankruptcy clients, who retained my services 3 years ago, came into my office and was ready to “move forward” with his bankruptcy filing.  The...

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Nov 2010

After Filing Bankruptcy- DO THIS FIRST

One of the most important things a person should do after filing bankruptcy, if not THE most important thing, is making your payments to creditors on time. After filing bankruptcy, creditors will look at whether or not your financial management behavior has changed.  Did you learn something from filing? Lessons such as do you pay your bills on time? Did you take out 5, 6,...

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Oct 2010

Can I File Bankruptcy in Florida if I Don’t Live There Anymore?

Some of my Orlando bankruptcy clients don’t live in Orlando, or even Florida for that matter.  I talk to several people each month who need to file bankruptcy but are confused as to whether to file bankruptcy in Florida if they have recently moved out of Central Florida or out of the State altogether.  Additionally, as an Orlando bankruptcy attorney, I represent clients who may have...

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