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Jun 2011

After Filing Bankruptcy, Chapter 13, Do I Still Pay My Bills?

Recently, during a free evaluation, I was asked by a potential client if he had to make payments on his bills when filing Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 specifically.   First, I had to determine what he meant by “Bills”.  Bills go by many different names, there are bills that you pay for on going service, like utilities, cable, cell phones, and then there are other debts, like...

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Jun 2011

Can My Mortgage Company Sue Me After Foreclosure?

Your mortgage company can collect on a debt you owe it after it sues you in a foreclosure action in Florida. Florida is what is called a “recourse” state.  This means that after your mortgage company successfully sues you in a foreclosure action and receives a final judgment, if there is not enough money from the sale of the property to satisfy that judgment, you...

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Mar 2011

Credit Card Companies Just Don’t Listen

Almost all of my Orlando bankruptcy clients tell me the same story when they come in for their free evaluation with me.  That is “Credit card companies just don’t listen to me”. “The credit card companies call non-stop, I tell them what happened to make my payment late and offer a payment plan I can afford, then they say no to that and me to...

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Nov 2010

Filing Bankruptcy and Reaffirmation Agreements

The whole point of filing bankruptcy is to get out of debt.  Everyone knows that. Why, then, if you’re filing bankruptcy would you voluntarily sign an agreement with one of your creditors to remain liable for a debt? That’s exactly what a reaffirmation agreement in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case does for you, or to you.  As an Orlando bankruptcy attorney, I very, very, very,...

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Aug 2010

Credit Score and Bankruptcy Relief

As an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer I speak with clients and potential clients every day who are considering filing for bankruptcy.  Invariably, before we even get into the amount of debt the person has and how filing bankruptcy can benefit him or her, the person tells me they have an “A++” credit score.  Or, I am made aware of their “850 Beacon Score”. “That’s nice”, I...

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