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Jun 2011

How Does an Orlando Bankruptcy Lawyer Get Paid?

“As an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer, how do you get paid by your clients?”  This is one of the questions I get from my friends and colleagues.  Actually, some of my clients ask this as well, as you might imagine.  The question is one that I asked myself when I first began working as an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer 11 years ago. Orlando bankruptcy attorneys will accept payments in...

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Jun 2011

How Long Does Filing Bankruptcy Take?

Many people that I speak with considering filing bankruptcy will ask how long the process of filing bankruptcy takes. The answer to that question really depends on your situation and is another reason why you should meet with an experienced Orlando bankruptcy attorney to learn about how the process works and how long it will take given your particular facts. Having said that, I can...

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Mar 2011

Credit Card Companies Just Don’t Listen

Almost all of my Orlando bankruptcy clients tell me the same story when they come in for their free evaluation with me.  That is “Credit card companies just don’t listen to me”. “The credit card companies call non-stop, I tell them what happened to make my payment late and offer a payment plan I can afford, then they say no to that and me to...

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Feb 2011

I Retained You 3 Years Ago…I’m Ready To File Now!

We all know that life can be an unpredictable journey at times.  We make plans, break those plans, remake plans, chart a new course, return to the old course, etc.  And, of course, time does fly… Recently, one of my Orlando bankruptcy clients, who retained my services 3 years ago, came into my office and was ready to “move forward” with his bankruptcy filing.  The...

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Jan 2011

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: Do I Have To Pay Everyone I Owe?

There is so much bad information on the internet about filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The same can be said about the information/advice that gets dispensed by creditors of my clients. Today, for example, I was happy to inform one of my Chapter 13 clients of some very good news. Because the majority of his unsecured creditors did not file a proof of claim in his...

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Dec 2010

Filing Bankruptcy and Own a Corporation? Be Careful!

If you own a corporation and are considering filing bankruptcy personally, you should know that the corporation may not be “protected” from the reach of the bankruptcy trustee or your creditors. When deciding whether to file an Orlando bankruptcy case for a self employed client, I always ask my Orlando bankruptcy client what the business is worth.  If my client doesn’t know, I find out...

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Dec 2010

Filing Bankruptcy? Avoid Perjury by Disclosing ALL Debts

It happens at least twice a week for me.  During the free evaluation I offer to my potential Orlando bankruptcy clients, I am asked whether a person must list all her debts when filing bankruptcy. My potential Orlando bankruptcy client further explains (pleads): “I only owe a small balance on these two cards and I want to keep my credit in good standing with them....

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Nov 2010

After Filing Bankruptcy- DO THIS FIRST

One of the most important things a person should do after filing bankruptcy, if not THE most important thing, is making your payments to creditors on time. After filing bankruptcy, creditors will look at whether or not your financial management behavior has changed.  Did you learn something from filing? Lessons such as do you pay your bills on time? Did you take out 5, 6,...

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