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As an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer, I have had a front-row seat for the downward turn in the real estate market over the last few years in Orlando and Central Florida (Will it ever stops?). Many of my clients are homeowners who have fallen behind on mortgage payments and face foreclosure of their home.


By filing bankruptcy, whether it’s a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, my clients can immediately stop the foreclosure lawsuit. Depending on what your goals are, through either type of bankruptcy I can develop a strategy that will allow you to keep your home or walk away from it and eliminate your liability for the mortgage.


Every day, more and more people in Orlando and Central Florida are choosing to deal with their own foreclosure crisis by filing bankruptcy. When you are ready for me to put together a strategy tailored to meet your specific needs and goals, I hope you’ll Contact me for your free consultation. 352-432-7003.


Orlando Foreclosure Attorney

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If your home is currently in foreclosure, or headed there, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy prior to the sale of your home will stop the sale. In a Chapter 13 you agree to pay back the mortgage payments you missed that led to the foreclosure lawsuit being filed against you. This is done through a Chapter 13 payment plan that I file for you at the beginning of your case. At your first meeting with me, if you choose to file Chapter 13, I can put together the plan for you right then.


Depending on your situation, you may also be able to eliminate all of your unsecured debt (like credit cards, medical bills, etc…) through a Chapter 13.




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Helping Orlando get out of debt since 2002

This is one area of the law where you need to ACT FAST. If you wait too long to contact an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer, you could find that it’s too late for me to do anything to help you. It’s a very good idea to at least give me a call at 352-432-7003, so I can tell you where you are in the foreclosure process and give you an idea of when you should file bankruptcy.



Why Choose Us?


At my Orlando Bankruptcy Law Firm of K. Hunter Goff, P.A. I limit my practice to helping people file bankruptcy and receive protection from creditors under Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 of the United States Bankruptcy Code.


Over the years, bankruptcy has evolved into a specialized area of law. I take pride in knowing how the Orlando Bankruptcy Judges, Trustees, and Creditors’ Attorneys interpret the Code. I use this knowledge to ensure that my clients know what to expect when they file for bankruptcy. I take a non-judgmental approach to the decision my clients make to file for bankruptcy.


I understand that you probably have tried every other possible financial alternative before deciding to contact an Orlando bankruptcy lawyer. Please allow me, an experienced Orlando bankruptcy attorney, to show you how I can help you by calling 352-432-7003, for your free case evaluation.

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